So - what next?

Update summer 2015

I have been in contact with new owner of the car. The car was sold early 2013 and it is still on the street. No breakdowns or other problems other than minor adjustments. According to owner the car is running very well. And I am very happy to learn about that.

Late 2012

Summer is gone and a new winter just ahead of us. Car and new engine has done about 1000 km (somewhere between 600 and 700 US miles) and engine is pulling stronger than stock 350  LT1 (would have been very disappointing if not).

My plan earlier was to continue to upgrade engine. Ported intake and new 58 mm throttle body, convert PCM to a more modern engine control system, install a heavy duty timing gear and chain (this one requires either to upgrade the optispark to a dowel pin driven opti or change the complete engine control system). The possibilities are "endless" if time and money. But I have got some second thoughts about my plans. Enough is enough.

I'm only driving the car on street, no strip or on track. I will not have more fun with car if I can smoke my tires from 60 mph. I am a decent driver (cares about safety on road and speed limits). For the moment I am most interested about having a car which is reliable and "fun enough" to drive. And I do have enough "real ponies" in car now. Tires brake loose if pedal is floored - could not smoke tire before only by flooring pedal with stock engine.

Also any further upgrades like ported intake and 58 mm TB would require a new tune. The last tune I got from PCM4less is spot on and AFR is close to 13 when cruising and closer to 12 at WOT. Getting a tune to work requires data logging and emailing data logs to PCM4less, burn new tune (if tune is not correct) and another logging and sending logs again for a new tune ...

So at the end - no more engine upgrades for me. Engine is good as it is.

But I have to do some minor works on car this winter:
  • I might convert O2 sensors to heated O2 sensors. I don't have any problems with car not going into closed loop with longtube headers and not heated O2 sensors. The wideband lambda says AFR is very good. So - why mess with something which is working fine?
  • I have to secure exhaust pipes properly under car. In bumps exhaust makes some noise under the car. It will not come loose - but it is kind if irritating listening to. 
  • Upgrade brakes (or overhaul existing calliper). Today I have 17" wheels and I might as well upgrade to 18". 

The above is my work list for this winter. I should have pull a run on a dyno, postponed to next year.  


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