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Final adjustments and closing project

It has been some weeks since last update of my Corvette blog. I have done about 160 km (100 miles) by now since motor was back in car. I have also been two weeks in US on vacation. The final tune and last parts bought took some days to get - so two weeks vacation in US was the right thing to do ;-)
As part of transmission overhaul I also installed an external gear oil cooler which was installed "after" the internal gear oil cooler in radiator. In one of my testruns I blew one of the cooler hoses and sprayed a couple of litres of transmission oil on the street. End of that story was going home by rescue car and dumped the external cooler. Bought another external gear oil cooler with termostat and fan. The new external cooler bypass the internal gear oil cooler. 
After the first start of engine (including a couple of start/stop to get enough transmission fluid into the transmission and checking for any leaks of fluid) I ran the engine in garage for about 20 minutes in 2000 rp…