First real trip with car

Today I picked up the car at the transmission workshop. Last week I had only first gear and reverse gear.  On my first testdrive the transmission just shifted from first gear into neutral when it should shift to second gear. Thew car was transported to the workshop last week, and they dropped the pan of the transmission (TH700R4) and checked whatever they had to check. It was this workshop which fully overhauled and strengthen the transmission - transmission is still under warranty. Anyway - they could not find any obvious reason why transmission would not shift from first to second gear. Put every thing together and out for a testdrive. And now the transmission shifts gear as it is supposed to do. And when problemed was sorted out - my first 30 minutes real ride with car (from transmission workshop and back home). And everything seems to work fine. I might have a to high AFR. I have installed a Innovative Motorsports wideband lambda and it shows a to high AFR. I have some exhaust leaks before the lamda and that might affect the lambda reading. I have logged the car with TTS Datamaster and sent it to PCM4less (which have tuned the car). I´ll wait for them before doing anything more about AFR. The car seems strong and AFR is OK when accelerating.

The project commenced in September last year and more or less completed mid May 2012.  Last in this post list of whats done.

Engine assembled and ready for car. I dropped the A/C system and replaced the A/C compressor with a TPIS A/C pulley delete. The engine bay looks much more cleaner without A/C. 

The TH700R4 transmission overhauled and strengthen. The converter is a "lockup converter" from Borg Warner. The metal plate in front is just a transport security preventing the converter to fall off. The flexplate mounts directly onto the converter.  

Engine, transmission and serpentinebelt system put together and ready for going back into car.

This is how it was when engine finally was dropped in place. Still a lot of work to do - but a major milestone when engine and transmission is bolted to the car.

The following is summarized whats done (engine) this year:

  • 383 street/strip shortblock from Golen Engines (internally balanced). 
    • 16 cc dish Mahle forged pistons (16 cc dish together with 54 cc in top, zero decked is about 11:1 in compression)
    • ARP main studs (4-bolt engine)
    • SCAT Cast steel crank 3.75" stroke
    • Scat 4340 Forged I-Beam rods, 6" length, ARP rod bolts
  • TrickFlow 430 HP GenX Top End Engine Kits for GM LT1
    • Heads and cam
    • 1.6 roller rockers
  • MSD Ignition 8381 MSD Ignition Pro Billet LT1 Distributors (optispark distributor)
  • MSD Ignition 32129  MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Sets
  • MSD Ignition 8226 MSD Blaster GM Coils 
  • a new tune from PCM4less (specialmade for my setup)
Other major engine parts
  • GMB OE Replacement Water Pumps
  • ATI superdamper 917274
  • Lunati timing chain
  • Trick Flow Specialties TFS 21407150 Trick Flow Chromoly Pushrods@
  • new GMPP oil pump and new GM oil gear drive
  • new 52 mm throttle body 
  • a 7qt  Canton street/strip oil pan
  • new coolant crossover (coolant return from heads)
  • new AFR balancer bolt harmonic damper
Termostat and sensors
  • new 160 degree F termostat (waterpump)
  • new O2 sensors
  • new knock sensors
  • new temp and pressures sensors
From previous year the following changes
  • 32 lbs Bosch design III injectors from FIC
  • Melrose longtube headers (ceramic coated)
  • BB-TriFlow 3" exhaust
The following are work on transmission
  • fully strengthen and overhauled for 500 HP and 450 ft-lbs torque
  • new Borg Warner lock up converter


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