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Engine installed

Today I commenced installing engine in car. It took me about 12 hours to bolt engine to engine mounts and install and bolt the C-beam. I started to install the C-beam by one bolt onto the differential. After that I used the "elephant" to lift the engine and carefully lowered it in the engine bay.  There are not much space in a C4 engine compartment and I had to remove the serpentine belt to get the engine in place. I supported the transmission by jack when connection the transmission and driveshaft. When engine was standing onto the engine mounts I slided the C-beam into place. During this process I supported the transmission and by end of day all bolts was entered. I will torque the bolts tomorrow.

Update April 20 : Engine and transmission are back in Covette. Exhaust pipes (Melrose Longtube headers and BB-TriFlow 3" exhaust) are installed. Engine is prepared with oil (normal mineral oil for engine break-in process) and transmission fluid. The main remaining now are i…

Engine moved to garage

Engine was assembled in-house (it was not without comments ..). My garage is to cold and to smal for any work on engine, specially during the winter . With only new engine parts assembling engine in-house was no problem regarding any dirt or oil. And it was warm and pleasant sitting in my sofa assembling - I can recommend it ;-) The only worry was how to move the engine out in the garage when due. Today I decided to move it. Couple of hours later and without any assistance - engine is ready for going into car.

I will install engine in car on Saturday. Hopefully it will go in as easy as it came out.