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Engine and trans ready for car

"Moment of truth" is getting closer. Today engine and transmission were bolted together. The torque converter should not be "pressed" on the flexplate (will probably eat up thrust bearings if done). After gearbox and engine were bolted together the torque converter and flexplate were bolted. Before bolting flexplate and converter I had to slide the converter about 10 mm against flexplate. Important to use correct torque on both bellhouse and flexplate bolts. Engine going back into car after easter.

The flexplate (TCI flexplate for internal balanced engines) was bolted on crank. The engine was supported on the engine mounts and block.

Engine and transmission ready for going back into Corvette

Today transmission was delivered on my door. There was some issues  delivering the torque converter from US - that is why the workshop had to use som extra weeks to deliver the transmission . It is a local transmission workshop which has overhauled and strengthen the transmission. The torque converter is a Borg Warner lock up converter. My knowledge about transmissions is very limited (close to nothing) - but every part of transmission is replaced and it is now capable of handling about 500 HP and over 450 ft-lbs of torque.

The TPIS A/C pulley delete also landed today. This will probably solve my problem regarding length of serpentine belt. I will try to use stock length belt and replace the idler wheel and TPIS A/C pulley delete wheel with overdrive wheels to make it work with stock belt.

The plan now is to commence putting engine and trans back into car after easter. I will spend some days skiing (cross country) the Norwegians mountains the next couple of weeks. Pictures below are …