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ATI superdamper 917274 and serpentine belt system

I decided to get an ATI superdamper and it landed yesterday (order by Summit). The damper includes a crank hub and it is special version for LT1 gen II SBC (Corvette C4 92 - 96 model). I had to hone the crank hub to get it on. With the damper installed I could also install the serpentine belt system.
The diameter of the ATI superdamper is 7.530" and diameter of stock damper is just over 7". The stock serpentine belt is to short. As shown on the pictures the drive belt tensioner is not part of the system with stock serpentine belt. Stock belt is 67 or 68 in long. I have measured  inner length of new belt to be about 69 in. I probably need a new belt which is close to 70 in long. I will try a couple of belts and check the marks on belt tensioner to find the correct length. 
UPDATE 1 : finding a correct length serpentine belt with ribs on both sides is difficult. Stock length is OK to find but slightly longer is not easy. 92 models and early 93 models Corvette C4s used serpent…

What´s done?

This year it is engine and transmission which both are completely overhauled.  Next winter brakes and suspension will be overhauled. Picture is engine today (mid February 2012). An ATI superdamper 917274 will be also be installed before engine is going back into car. Last in this post there is a list of whats done.

The following is summarized whats done (engine) this year:
Engine 383 street/strip shortblock from Golen Engines (internally balanced). 16 cc dish Mahle forged pistons (16 cc dish together with 54 cc in top, zero decked is about 11:1 in compression)ARP main studs (4-bolt engine)SCAT Cast steel crank 3.75" strokeScat 4340 Forged I-Beam rods, 6" length, ARP rod boltsTrickFlow 430 HP GenX Top End Engine Kits for GM LT1Heads and cam1.6 roller rockersIgnition MSD Ignition 8381 MSD Ignition Pro Billet LT1 Distributors (optispark distributor)MSD Ignition 32129  MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire SetsMSD Ignition 8226 MSD Blaster GM Coils a new tune from PCM4less (sp…

Engine is done and prelubing engine

Engine is soon ready for going back into the car. There are still some minor work to do before putting it back in the car:

prelube engine and check for oil leaks and oil reaching all vital partsinstall headers and gasket (headers are just mounted for picture)install plugs and spark wires (including heat shield for spark wires)replace water and oil temperature sensorsreplace oil pressure switches (one connceted to ecm and one for the fuel pump)install serpentine belt (and everything which is part of serpentine operation)the balancer - got a new hub but not the right hub. Question now if I should go ATI damper or get the right hub for my stock damper.
The transmission was delivered to a local workshop for full overhaul and strengthen. A new torque converter is ordered from US (by workshop). Next week I will get my "new" transmission, torque converter, external gear oil cooler and transmission fluid from workshop. I will commence installing engine + trans in car by mid March. Y…

Installing oil pump, oil pan and MSD opti

This evening the "bottom" of engine is finished. New oil pump and pickup is installed. I have a new street/strip LT1 oil pan from Canton. The pan requieres a canton pickup.  Before oil pan and gasket is installed both 1-piece rear seal and front cover timing chain has to be installed as well.

Picture below is the 1-piece rear seal. Hopefully I got it right - dont want to experience any oil leaks. If seal is damaged the only way to replace is to separate engine and transmission (and that is not an easy job).

All simmerings in frontcover are replaced. I also got a new AFR harmonic balancer bolt. Dont yet know how to press the crank pulley on  - probably heat the pulley before pressing it on (update : I got a new crank pulley together with ATI superdamper. The new pulley is slightly honed before installed. There is instructions together with superdamper how to install pulley.).

Bottom of engine complete. New knock sensors are also installed. Next now is oil and prime engine.