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Assembling the engine has commenced

I have commenced assembling the engine.The garage is to cold - I have moved the "workshop" to my hobbyroom. The engine and all parts are new and clean - should be no problem assembling it in my hobbyroom. 

The first I had to do was shorten the dowelpin on the cam. The opti on L98 and early LT1´s are geardriven - not by dowelpin. An email to Trick Flow (I have a Trick Flow 430 HP LT1 kit) about how to shorten the dowelpin returned the answer below:
"For LT1 and L98 engines (pre-1996) the dowel pin in the end of the camshaft must be pushed in so that the extension is .300" +/- .010". For the 1996 LT1 and LT4 engines the dowel pin is in the correct position extending .620" from the end of the camshaft."
I gently tapped the dowelpin to the requiered length and installed the cam (oiling the cam before mounting it). The bolts (T30 ) to cam retainer and waterpumpgear were locked with treadlocker. 

Short block from Golen Engines is here

Today I picked up the short block from Golen Engines. The block was sent from Golen last week (Friday) and after 6 days travel it landed in Bergen.  The package was quite heavy - about 340 lbs or 150 kg. The transport box was just about the size of the trunk of my Landrover..

After some struggeling the box ended up inside my house. My garage is not heated and I will assemble engine in my hobbyroom.  Much more convenient to assemble inhouse than in a cold garage. When engine is assembled I will just role it out. The short block from Golen is as expected. I will commence assembling in a couple of days. I have asked Golen about all speqs (torque rods and main bearings and clearnce bearings). According to Golen he deliver a couple of hundred engines a year. I am quite confident Golen knows what he is doing - as far as I understand he has many years of delivering engines (and lot of articles in US online car magazines about Golen Engines).
Today I just unpacked the block. The block will b…

Changes again - for last time

There have been (too) many changes in my plans for building this engine. It all started with the wrong rotating assembly kit from Polly Motorsport. My original plan was to stay 350 cid (standard bore an stroke). The reason to stay 350 was because the Trick Flow kit itself is a 430 HP kit on standard 350 cid. But Polly got a stroker kit and even if that was not suitable for my build I decided to go for stroker again. Before commencing this project I was in contact with Chad Golen at Golen Engines. I have read a lot about Golen engines in online magazines and browsed his website. Chad has a lot of experience in building LT1 engines and there are at least two Norwegians who has engines from Golen.

After my first contact with Chad this summer I decided to pull engine and rebuild my own stock engine. After Polly delivered wrong assembly I was in contact with Chad again. And it is always a pleasure e-mailing with Chad. His answers are detailed and you know by reading his e-mails and browsi…