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New rotating assembly kit ordered

The kit from Polly was not the correct one. I dont know what happend - but the kit which I got from Polly was a standard cast LT1 Eagle kit. The crankshaft was recommended up to 400 HP - my build should easy produce 450 HP. The kit from Polly was returned.

I had decided to go for a standard 350 kit (by honing bore to 4.02" and stroke 3.48") - but now I am back to a stroker kit again.

I have ordered a SCAT forgeded steel 4340 rotating assembly kit (SCA-1-41755BIE). The kit is internally balanced and includes flexplate. I have to bore block 0.030" oversize and new displacement is 383 cid (or 6.2 litres). The pistons are + 16cc and if block has standard LT1 piston to deck clearnce about +0.020" compression should be about 10.5:1 (heads are 54cc).  New bore and stroke is 4.030" and 3.75". Rods are 5.700".

The kit will be sent from US mid december. Assembly of engine probably in beginning of January - depends upon when block is bored. Block will be bored…